Captains Log …

So I guess I just go for the gusto now huh…

This is all so new i’m used to pen and paper. I’ve been recording my mundane daily life in leather bound journals for some time now. I never really new why I just liked moving my thoughts from my mind to the paper. In a way I found it quite therapeutic. This however will be quite different. I intend to use this site to simply write about music board games and the like. I’m a huge fan of board games and have been ever since my first game of Catan in ¬†high school. However I rarely ever suggest this game to other people as it tends to force people at one anothers throats. If you haven’t played this settlement building Euro game i’d suggest you continue to stay away from it until you have a group of friends you can trust not to kill one another over sheep and clay. Granted for many people like myself it has been a “gateway drug” into the world of hobby gaming. Stepping out of the realm of Uno and Monopoly and into a world full of diverse games catering to every whim imaginable. There are games strictly built around the mechanic of deck building; you build a deck and as you build it utilize it to play the game and combat your teammates or a common enemy. There are Command and Conquer games that make risk look as basic and un-interesting as a white T-shirt. Beautifully crafted miniatures as far as the eye can see. I’m getting all worked up just typing this all out.

I like music and try weekly to expand upon my Library by listening to an artists complete works. It gives me something to look forward to something to talk about. I want to absorb as much music as I can because I tend to lack in the sports and government departments. I figure I can always safely change the conversation to music without any back lash. So far this mentality has reined true. Conversation aside I just love music so where as with football talk I would be completely feigning any actual interest for the sake of the discussion I can speak out about music passionately.

I don’t know what else to write…


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