Childish or nah?

This week I listened to “Childish Gambino” pretty exclusively. Since i’m a 20 year old white male having been raised in the Suburbs i’d always turned a blind eye to rap. I always thought it the lowest standard of music because it’s revolves around talking in rhythm. I’d had this mind set for the longest time and always kind of felt like a hypocrite solely because I like the “Violent Femmes” and “The Mountain Goats” who are talk singers. Of course when in a debate about music genres I would never bring this up due to the shame and idiocy I would suffer.

I’ve been living with three good friends for about seven months now so naturally lots of different music is thrown around. They would keep talking about artists like Childish, Chance and Kyle and i’d always shrug it off due to my disinterest in the Genre. Due to the constant mentioning of these names eventually curiosity got the better of me and decided to make a week long pilgrimage to Childish Gambinos complete works. I did not expect to enjoy it so much. “Outside” the first song off his first album “Camp” blew me away; So much emotion was in his first verse. I originally started listening to this album while I was running, and found myself having to quit early in order to sit down and soak in what I was hearing. The chorus of women sets you up for such a powerful album that takes you through all of Donal Glovers trials and tribulations growing up. From going to a primarily white school to his cousin up and turning his back on him after Donald had achieved fame. This album takes you on a full throttle adventure through emotion land. Yes that analogy is silly  and it doesnt set a serious tone for “Camp” but its the best way to describe what I felt.

His bars are so tight and he conveys his anger and concern through such means that they are evenly and convincingly conveyed. Every line shook me and had me feeling like I could truly empathize with this multi talented artist. In short this man helped open my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for music appreciation I had never dreamed imaginable. I’m not certain how to end this and I feel my writing has a long way to go …



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