Star wars: Destiny

This past week one of my friends and I found ourselves with nothing to do on a perfectly good Saturday afternoon. I’m no stranger to Hobby board games where as he is very familiar with the traditional Chess and Checkers type strategy games. He’s a big fan of Star Wars and I knew that just before this past Christmas a new card game was released by Fantasy Flight games that both catered to my love of deck building and his love of Star Wars. I brought up the option of spending some time at our local game store and checking out Star Wars: Destiny. He liked the idea so we set off, and shortly after made back home with two new starter decks to try it out. Being a MtG veteran I was able to pick up on a lot of the rules very quickly. After about one Game we were both on the same page and able to fly through games with ease.

At its very finest point Star Wars: Destiny is Magic the Gathering: Commander with dice that correspond with certain cards to utilize their abilities in combat. A game starts with each player placing their decks Hero/Villain cards in front of them with their dice atop them. From there each player draws their starting hand of five cards. You can mulligan as many times with as many cards as you would like in order to start with your most optimal hand. Each player will also bring with them a battlefield card. Only one players battlefield will be chosen for each game this is determined by who ever rolls the highest with their hero/villains starting dice. Each battlefield has a unique effect that is activated when a player decides to take their turn action in order to claim it. Doing so grants them the battlefields ability sure but it has to be used tactically because once it is activated that player cannot act for the rest of the round.

To get back to the beginning of the game. Whoever wins the turn order roll gets to place their battlefield on the board to be claimed for the game. Second player gets to take two shield tokens and place them however they like on their Heros/Villains ( one shield blocks one damage ). Now the game progresses in rounds and at the start of every round (including the beginning of the game) each player takes up two resources (resources are used to pay for most cards from your hand), gets to re-activate their units and draw/shuffle back up to five cards. A round concludes when each player can no longer do anything. During each round players will take turns taking one action each. One action to roll one characters dice, play a card, activate dice from your dice pool etc. As you roll dice you will get ranged, melee, resources, shields and a few other abilities. After you roll a characters dice they are placed in front of your characters card in the “Die Pool”. So your actions cannot be activated unless you do so on your next turn. So the longer you leave them sitting the greater the threat of your opponent potentially altering or discarding them through card abilities or die powers. When you activate a die from your pool any dice that are like sided can be activated that same turn for no additional cost each activating separately. Once a characters dice are rolled for the remainder of the round they are exhausted (turned on their side) in order to represent their no longer being able to roll their dice.

The Goal of the game is to kill your opponents Hero’s/Villains or wait them out until they no longer have a hand or deck to utilize. Its very fun and is heavily based upon skill and strategy, you must think many turns ahead and consider all the possible outcomes of your actions in order to perform your best. This game is very fun but I feel I haven’t experienced the game in its fullest because the booster packs that are used to create your own deck are sold out every where in including fantasy flight games website. I do feel however when I do get my hands on some boosters this could very quickly become one of my favorite card games to date.


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