Captains Log: 1

I did say that I would try to avoid posting personal stuff, but seeing as how my only true goal in having this blog is to improve my diction and presence online I need more to write about. I have already made it abundantly clear that I love board games and music. I used to play trombone and baritone in High school once I graduated that all went out the window. Recently I had been feeling a gap in my soul that only an instrument could fill. Lucky for me one of my roommates, and long time friends, is a music ed. major who plays trombone. being the cool guy he is he loaned me his old pee shooter (beginner) trombone to re-acclimate myself with the brass world. I practice when I want to and I feel I get more from it when i’m doing it out of joy and not necessity. No one to hound me, to tell me to do this at this time. I just practice and grow at my own pace. It finally feels natural.

Working at my own pace is an idea I have let bleed over into my other hobbies and interests specifically board game creation. I am a board game hound, I cannot get enough of them. I love playing them. I love failing and learning new strategies. It’s been a great interest of mine since I was as young as 7. I used to make maps with rules and legends and enact my own quests turning my house and the surrounding woods into whatever I had pre-described it to be in my drawings. Bosses, Dungeons and items galore. For my senior project (now three years ago) I halfheartedly created a board game that I wanted to see on store shelves. Because there was a tremendous amount of pressure put on me and my efforts my heart wasnt where it should have been.

Now that I’m living on my own (granted with roommates) I have taken up my creative methods once more and started to make two games. One of which is a combination of my friends efforts atop my idea; this particular project is difficult to work on due to scheduling conflicts. We are taking it fairly slow in comparison to a game I “made” the other day. I had a literal “shower thought” while showering before work. I hurriedly wrote it down before I ran out the door. When I came home I jumped on it and solidified the rules. The next day after work I made a prototype and not two days later I play tested it with my friends. Yes there were a lot of bugs, but I learned an awful lot from what happened in game. I’m not going into detail for solidarity’s sake, but It was a great learning opportunity for me and my friends working on the first game. I’m all giddy just talking about it. I hope in the near future to elaborate on this game and its mechanics but as of now I will have to tuck away my excitement.


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