Gorillaz not Gorillas

After nearly six years the famed cartoon character outfit is finally breaking their long stayed silence with a bright shiny new album titled “Humanz”. The album is set to release April 28th and they have gifted us with a sweet sample of whats to come. Four singles each with a cover depicting a hyper realistic re-imagination of each of the members of the Gorillaz respectively. Somehow they managed to made 2-D’s eyes even more unsettling just look!

2017-03-27 (2)

I mean he is still my favorite character but sometimes its hard to get past those eyes. This brings us to my favorite song Titled “Andromeda” which has the newly terrifying 2-D on the cover. It’s probably the most heavily EDM influenced track thats been released it’s super funky and sounds very (dare I say) spacey. Also I have a serious soft spot for the classic Damon Albarn and his iconic vocals that alone shape a majority of the Gorillaz sound.

“Saturnz Barz” does a great job of establishing the the weird vibe that the music video portrays. At first I had a hard time getting past the guest rapers heavy Jamaican accent because it tore me away from the setting. Eventually however it grew on me and the beat and back ground synth track carried me home. Bellow is the music video for “Saturnz Barz”.

Ascension” gets really trappy really fast. Don’t confuse this it’s still good its just very fast paced and in your face. The main chorus I feel is a little un-characteristic of the Gorillaz but thats just my opinion man.

“The skys falling baby, Drop that ass before it crash”

*eye rolls*

This leaves us with “We Got the Power” which gave me a very strong 70’s throwback power ballad vibe. Out of all the released songs this one is my least favorite namely so on the account of the lyrics feeling kinda forced and empty. On top of that the vocals just don’t line up with the over all theme of this particular song. Jhenny Beth has super stand out vocals that have their place in the music world I just feel like its not here. I feel Vince Staples (Ascension raper guy) sound would have been better utilized in this track.

As it is now I am very excited to see what their hiatus has allowed them to stew up. April 28th keep your eyes and ears peeled.



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